5Pin Media Tech House Grooves MULTiFORMAT 5Pin Media Tech House Grooves MULTiFORMAT
It's all about the groove..., yes we keep saying it and we are proud to say it again with our latest release, Tech House Grooves. Step inside our tech groove grotto for a diverse selection of grooves carefully sculpted for every mood and feel from bumping to jacking and from dark to deep, this collection has all your Tech production bases covered and as always with this genre, don't expect to be locked to the grid.

So what's on offer? Think big and then think versatile and you are bang on target. At it's core you will find 32 Drum kits driven by groovalicious 5Pin MIDI resulting in the rendering of 128 unique full drum loops. All the full drum loops have then been broken down into Hats, No-Kick and Stripped versions totalling 512 loops. We stopped short at providing the percussion parts separate because with the various formats of drum kits available, combined with the MIDI, these can easily be created and/or edited to suit your track. We have also consciously provided all the One-Shots with the Loops Pack Versions if working with MIDI isn't your bag and you wish to add layers and edits such as fills and rolls.

To add spice to the drums we have included a selection of 48 Bass Patches spawning 48 Bass Loops and associated MIDI plus 32 Stab Patches. Of course there is much more, so be sure to check out the Tech Specs for all the available formats and what else is included.

Once again the flexibility of MIDI combined with exceptional sounds lies at the heart of this library giving you, the producer, the freedom to take your productions in whichever creative direction you choose.
DABRO Music Bass House WAV MiDi DABRO Music Bass House WAV MiDi
Theres some suttle hints of mr Jauz, Tchami, Dr. Fresch and Pre School in this pack even some hints of Garage, a cross between the early ibiza sound and the now all too familiar dance music craze. You can’t but help nod your head to this one, a timeless classic get yours now, this one is a must have for your studio collection.

Imagine your on an exotic island with the sun shining in your face, cold beer in one hand pretty woman in the other. You can see from the island the party on the boat with the world class DJ’s spinning the latest new hits.

Well let us make it happen! The team have been busy in the lab again with this ibiza sunrise meets dancefloor mayhem.

This fresh new sample pack delivers on so many levels.
The team have been hard at it again, conjuring up some magic for the dancefloors.
Don’t worry about the recent Christmas excess pudding around your mid section.
This selection, will be sure to melt away the extra helpings you had over the festive season.

This sample pack will have you working up such a swet on the dancefloors, dancing the night away to some blissful chords, hand raising pads, crunch grinding basslines, and that all too familiar high energy club sound.
With marching beats and the signature basslines that DABRO are renound for.
As the moto from the DABRO team is "don’t re-invent the wheel”, just simply add to it.
8Dio Santur KONTAKT 8Dio Santur KONTAKT
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:15
The Santur, Santouri, Santour or Santoor is a hammered dulcimer (sort of an ancient Cimbalom) of Babylonian origin, currently played in several countries around the Balkans, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

This library has been deeply sampled in order to give the composer a great tool made by very different colours of sound thanks to the use of three sets of mallets (wooden, semi soft and soft mallets) and three different damper configurations (no dampers for long sustains, one damper for staccato, two dampers for staccatissimo).

Two microphone positions, over six thousand samples and quarter-tone tuning options make this library a very versatile tool which fulfills every type of user.

Our CHAOS engine has also been added to multiply the textures and possibilities this library has to offer. We hope you enjoy using this library as much as we enjoyed making for you.

3 Different Mallet Types

The 8Dio Santur offers you three different mallet types. The instrument is very responsive to mallets, so we deep-sampled it with Wooden, Semi-Soft and Felt Mallets. The Wooden is more defined and epic in its sound. The Semi-Soft is great for normal tempered material and the Felt Mallet gives a gentle and warm presence in the sound. All mallets also contain unique samples for dampeners, so you can choose how dampened you want the sound.
JFilt Very Sick Keys Sample Library WAV JFilt Very Sick Keys Sample Library WAV
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:14
After months of designing, it’s finally here guys. My first official sample library ever! 
I wanted to cater to those looking for a true organic soulful sound versus all the synthetic stuff that’s out now. I sat down at my fender rhodes and spent many hours composing keyboard loops that could be used for your beats. The idea came from my observation of the many comments that I get from my youtube page about wishing that they could play keys. Well, you can think of this sample library as having your own personal keyboardist to accompany those sick beats of yours. Use this to excel to the next level in your production, be creative, and have fun.

250 audio files in 16-bit/44 WAV format
50 rhodes loops plus 10 loops each of piano,wurly, clav, organ, and harpsichord
100 one shots broken into sections including drums, bass and keyboard notes for easy mapping
Loops ranging from 82-130 BPM in soulful genres including neosoul, hiphop, funk, R&B. gospel and jazz
All sounds are royalty free
All sounds processed through the classic MPC2000xl
All loops are BPM and key labeled
Compatible with any hardware/software system that uses WAV formatting
Includes Bonus Construction kit with 5 Loops along with individual stems and extra chops

Freaky Loops Analogue Hip Hop Cuts WAV Freaky Loops Analogue Hip Hop Cuts WAV
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:14
We are proud to present our latest release "Analogue Hip Hop Cuts”. A comprehensive sample pack for lovers of hip hop driven grooves and melodies, with a clear nod to the greats of the past and present.

This mammoth Hip Hop sample pack offers up 517 finely crafted sounds to give you a fresh and yet rough approach on intelligent music. Containing a huge range of useful, creative and inspiring materials for producers - Classy, organic Rhode figures, Soulful Synth Leads and Funked Up Basslines are just a few key elements of this extensive collection... From dusty guitar phrases to funked-up basslines, wonky drums to organic percussion, spacey piano riffs to soulful synth-leads, lazy chord progression to rhythmic synthlines, atmospheric pad sounds to piercing percussion to sizzling SFX, thundering kicks to warped and woozy leads and more.. All is here and ready to be used within your productions.

Weighing at 1.87GB, this massive pack includes 300 Loops ranging from 80bpm to 90bpm and 201 Oneshots you’ll have endless possibilities and combinations within your next treasure and 2 inspiration kits incl. 2 full mixes and 14 stems - to get the creative juices flowing. The Loops folder contains 120 Drum Loops, 60 Synth Loops, 40 Bass Loops, 40 Instrument Loops, 20 Pad Loops and 20 Percussion Loops. The Oneshots folder comes with 24 Chord Hits, 20 FX, 20 Bass Hits and 137 Drum Hits consisting of 44 Hi-hats, 31 Kicks, 30 Snares, 10 Tambourines, 7 Cymbals, 6 Rides & Rims & Sticks, 7 Claps and 2 Clicks to create your own sequenced beats - All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

"Analogue Hip Hop Cuts” is perfect for any Hip Hop/Urban producer looking for some inspirational melodic and rhythmic elements. This Sample Pack can be used in various genres such as Electronica, Downtempo, Future Beat, House, Disco, Deep House, Garage, Future Bass, Live-Lounge, Funk and whatever style you are into. If your after the sounds of artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Premier, Flume etc.. Then this pack is for you.
Alyn Zahev Sounds Tundra DUNE Soundset Alyn Zahev Sounds Tundra DUNE Soundset
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:12
Aiyn Zahev has released TUNDRA, a collection of 128 excellent presets for DUNE, aimed at modern trance and dance music production. Including many Arps, Basses, Leads and Pads as well as some textures, the set also draws in part on classic analog style sounds and modern progressive house music.

ModeAudio Fibre Optics Massive Pad and SFX Presets MiDi Ni Massive ModeAudio Fibre Optics Massive Pad and SFX Presets MiDi Ni Massive
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:12
'Fibre Optics: Massive Pad & SFX Presets' brings you ModeAudio's latest sound design alchemy. Massive's modules are turned up to overdrive in this collection which ranges from distant, ambient smoothness to chaotic, sputtering madness.

Featuring a range of useful presets for chord sounds, drones, pads, patterns and textures (10 of each), you can be sure to find a treasure trove of colours, motions and spaces within. 

All 50 presets come with full macro mapping so that you can access complex variations and tweak the sounds to your own style with a minimum of fuss. Velocity sensitive and tested across the full range of MIDI pitches, you'll lose yourself in the worlds this release invokes.

There are also 20 MIDI loops included for use with the Pad and Chord sounds to make auditioning a breeze. Fire up Massive and drop these presets into your latest Cinematic, Downtempo, Ambient or Industrial production and listen to the energy rising with every note.

You're going to love this one, so let 'Fibre Optics: Massive Pad & SFX Presets' show you what it's made of!

Audiofier SEQui2R Synth KONTAKT Audiofier SEQui2R Synth KONTAKT
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:12
SEQui2R has just become Analog!!

SEQui2R Synth is SEQui2R’s little 'BIG' brother , It retains 99% of its predecessor’s features and has some new surprises too!

Sequi2r Synth is nor an Update of Sequi2r neither an Expansion, it’s a different product with similar features.

: SEQui2R Synth Facts

• Sound Engines
- 2 Oscillators + Noise & Sub Oscillator

• Sound Generation
- Single Cycle Waveforms

• Sound Sources
- 80 Waveforms + 2 Noise & 2 Sine Sub, 2 Square Sub waveforms
ModeAudio Spectral Surface Massive Texture Presets NI Massive ModeAudio Spectral Surface Massive Texture Presets NI Massive
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:12
'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets' from ModeAudio is an explosion of textures and SFX. From chaotic, fracturing impacts and heavy, rolling bass contours to gaseous sound masses and eerie drones, this pack has enough sonic energy to give you visions.

Pump your drops, interludes and switches to bursting, and ratchet up the tension with 'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets'. This collection of presets has everything you need for creating Cinematic qualities in your music. 

With a panoply of different sound design ideas and masterful synthesis techniques, this release is packed full of endlessly tweak-able sound worlds so vivid as to have your audience gripping the edge of their seats.

Massive's unrivalled modulation capabilities have been pushed to the limit, with the whole gamut of wavetable tones and routing possibilities mobilised to create some seriously progressive sounds. All eight• macro controls have been assigned to mind-bending transformations, so that you have huge power instantly available at your fingertips.

Give your music an injection of psycho-acoustic madness with 'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets'!
Singomakers Ultimate House Sax Vol 3 WAV REX Singomakers Ultimate House Sax Vol 3 WAV REX
Soft / Samples, Presets, Banks Of Sounds Yesterday, 17:11
Singomakers proudly present Ultimate House Sax 3! A Great collection of fresh new samples dedicated to the highlight of Deep House, Funky House, Nu Jazz and Chillout music - Saxophone Melodies!

This collection comes in at 990 mb of wav 24 bit at 126 BPM, and contains 204 Sax loops, 204 REX2 files, and 15 Sax FX and 29 bonus loops!!!

Within Ultimate House Sax you will find Dry loops, alongside processed and `ready to use' loops! In detail expect to find 9 Kits, inc. sax loops in scale G min, D maj, F Min and E min. All parts recorded in a professional studio with magical Octava MKL 111 microphone, plus Vacuum Tube preamp Avalon VT 737 and Class-A Program EQ, giving warmth and perfect quality of sound!

If you’re looking for a truly authentic House Sax sample pack for Deep House, Funky House, Chillout music, Afro, Latin House, Nu Jazz, then check out the demo and sample Ultimate House Sax 3 TODAY!


24 Bit Quality
9 Kits
204 Sax Loops (Dry & Wet Versions)
204 Rex2 Files
15 Sax FX
29 Bonus Loops

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